Available Kittens

Tika x Manny – DOB January 4th, 2018.
(SOLD) Three female tortoiseshell kittens, and one male ebony kitten.
My plan to is keep one of these kittens for my show and breeding program. They are three weeks old now, and I am not decided which I’ll keep. A second pick of the litter may go to a breeder friend, which means that I will have two kittens to place in pet homes. Please contact me for waitlist and reservation information.
Tika X Manny – DOB March 7, 2016.
(SOLD) Two male kittens; Seal Point and Ebony.

Stanley and Gryphon are now living with their new owners, and raising heck as only Orientals can.

7 thoughts on “Available Kittens

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  1. Hi I am looking into finding an all black oriental, looking for future availability, pricing and more info! Please email me back at this address.

  2. Hello,

    We are a retired cat loving couple outside of Portland.  I have had cats since I could walk and my girlfriend has been a serious cat lover since her first rescue eight years ago.  I have had all types including siamese and always keep them indoors in our 4500sf historic home with a large enclosed catio attached.  We currently have three rescues but one is very old and sickly and won’t last much longer.  Since we are in our early sixties and my girlfriend has not had the kitten experience I wanted to get a loving personable breed before we get too old. And we are very much against declawing.

    I am interested in a kitten preferably an ebony. Could you let me know pricing and what you currently have available and what will be available soon.  Thanks 

    Brian Carrier and Gretchen Nation

    Sent from Samsung Galaxy smartphone.

  3. Hi there,
    We are currently looking for a oriental shorthair breeders. We are absolutely cat lovers. We currently have 2 rescues and a Devon Rex. We lost our Siamese a little while ago.
    I think oriental shorthairs are gorgeous and from what I have read they have funny personalities.
    We are however looking for a a young male. All of our other cats are boys and we’ve had good luck integrating other males.
    Could we be put on a waiting list for a male kitten? We are happy to put down a deposit and any application process as well.
    Thanks a bunch

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