January 2018 – Second litter of Oriental Shorthairs born. Waiting for them to grow to choose my newest show cat  🙂

August 2017 – After 10 years of showing and breeding Maus, I have decided to retire my breeding cats.


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  1. Hello, my fiancé and I are looking to adopt an Oriental Shorthair, and to my pleasant surprise, there’s actually a breeder on the Island! We live in Nanaimo. I saw some of the other posts and it looks like you may be expecting a litter soon?

  2. Hello, my husband has contacted you about getting a kitten from a litter to be born in October. could you please tell me what colors you are expecting. Thank you, argo Morel

  3. Hi, I was wondering if you have any Havana brown oriental shorthairs? We live in Nanoose and unfortunately just had to put ours down and can’t imagine life without one again. They are the best affectionate cats. Could you let me know? Thank you.

  4. Hello! Do you have any kittens available for adoption? I’m hoping for a male oriental if you have any, they are my favourite cats and yours are beautiful! I’d also love to know your fees and also current colours you’re expecting/have available.


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